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Respect is a key core value that our children must learn. Without respect in society, the world would be a very unpleasant place.

Respect should be taught (and shown) to kids so that they can grow and become the best version of themselves. Here are just some of the benefits of teaching our kids respect.


Everyone is bound to face some sort of conflict in their life. Teaching them respect will ensure that they try to get through it in a productive manner, even though they may not agree with what's being said.


Listening is a key part of respect. Being taught how to communicate with others properly will allow people to converse is a respectful manner. This means understanding and taking in what others are saying and giving an appropriate response.


Having respect means that your child will not judge strangers especially if they know nothing about them. They'll work to get to know them before making snap judgements.

There are many different kinds of respect, for example:

Respect for others - being accepting and kind to other people.

Respect for culture - recognising and appreciating other's beliefs and religions. Being understanding and non judgemental of other's traditions and opinions, even though you may not fully agree with them.

Respect for yourself - appreciating and accepting yourself for who you truly are despite what others may think or say.

There are so many more, but self respect can often be overlooked. Having self respect is extremely important, as without it you can't become the best version of yourself. You'll become your own hurdle in life. If you don't believe in yourself then you won't succeed as much as you could.

At Tempest we believe in all of our students. If we believe in them and show it then they'll start to believe in themselves, and will become the absolute best version of themselves. Goals will be achieved much easier and their mindset will change positively.

Respect is such an important thing that's put into effect every day. Being polite to strangers, having self control, even helping out the elderly is such an important thing that may seem insignificant but shows a massive amount of respect.

As adults we need to have respect for children. If we have no respect for children then how can we expect them to have respect for us. Having respect for children is especially important for instructors, we want these kids to trust and listen to us. If we don't respect them we understand they won't respect us.

At Tempest we believe in our students as much as they believe in us. We treat everyone how we would like to be treated. Respectfully.

Having a mutual respect with our students allows us to help them reach their full potential.

"Respect is a two way street"

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