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Never Never NEVER Give Up

February is all about never giving up.

This month we'll be teaching the kids the importance of having perseverance and never quitting, even when things get tough. There will be times in life when things get a little hard and seem impossible to overcome, that's why we're teaching the kids to never give up!

By teaching our kids the importance of never giving up they'll become more confident in what they can do. This will have a huge positive effect on their attitude both at Tempest and at home.

If you continuously give up when challenges seem a little tough, you'll end up in a loop of constant self-doubt and the things you could really enjoy will seem impossible. Every time you try to join some sort of activity or club, you'll feel reluctant to try out anything challenging even when it could be fun.

Eventually you'll stop trying new things all together. You'll fear failure and your attitude will be nothing but negative. You'll hold yourself back from reaching your potential and will be afraid of leaving your comfort zone.

It starts early. If we allow our kids to give up and quit every time they feel a bit uncomfortable, then they'll end up like that. We'll never get to see them become the people we know they can be, and they'll never take part in activities.

Resilience is our ability to adapt and bounce back when things don’t go as planned. Children who learn to be resilient will recover from setbacks much quicker, making them more confident and feel more capable when problems come along. They'll have faith in their abilities which will help them become confident and optimistic people.

Learning to become resilient is super important for our children's mental health. It’s a skill we carry into adulthood and the more resilient a person is, the better they handle stress and deal with life's pressures. Building resilience in children not only helps them to face and overcome obstacles, but it also reduces their chances of suffering from anxiety.

At Tempest, we teach our kids to never give up by using mini challenges of perseverance. These small challenges make them focus and try their hardest, and by overcoming these their attitude becomes more positive and their confidence improves.

Building resilience is often down to the individual person; but surrounding yourself with people who make you better and help you develop is a big help. If we allow our kids to be around people who don’t have their best interests at heart, then they won't fully develop into the brave resilient people they can be. Kids need a positive influence in their lives, they need people that they can look up to, they need role models.

By starting early, we're instilling good habits that they'll carry for the rest of their lives. This will help to keep them working hard and driving forward to reach their goals. If we teach them that quitting isn't an option, they'll have no choice but to push through and persevere. They won't fear failure and will keep their heads up high while they push on.

Here at Tempest, we talk a lot about having a 'Blackbelt Attitude'. This means giving it their all, staying focused and most importantly NEVER GIVING UP!

A Blackbelt is a common goal all students have, so we make sure to teach them that it's not just about how good of a martial artist you are, it's about your attitude too. If they have a negative attitude and give up easily then they'll never achieve it.

Giving up is never an option for champions. Giving up is like going back to the start. The only way we should go is forward.

Quitters never win. Winners never quit.
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