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Our March life skill at Tempest North Shields was Teamwork.

Teamwork is all about people working together and combining their skills to perform some sort of task effectively and efficiently.

Kickboxing may be an individual sport, but here at Tempest North Shields we work as a team. No one's going to do a kick for you, but we'll help, encourage and cheer you on whilst you do it!

Not all kids have a large peer group and it can leave them feeling a little lonely. This is why we think it's so important for Tempest to have an atmosphere where kids can meet new friends and feel a part of a team without feeling left out.

In class we will have the kids work with a partner/group to do various techniques. This allows the kids to get more familiar and comfortable with each other, and the more comfortable they feel the better they'll work together.

Why is teamwork important for kids?

- Teamwork helps improve a child's communication skills. To hear and be heard are powerful tenants of well-being and communication.

- Teamwork helps improve a child's social skills. Teams are great way to get to know new people, the more people you meet the easier it is to deal with social situations.

- Teamwork helps improve a child's self-confidence. When a child can speak their mind in a group of people who are listening it gives their confidence a boost.

These skills are important for a child to have as they will only get better as they grow older. As adults these skills will be part of their everyday life.

Working in a team can expose them to other's world views which will broaden their understanding while also improving their problem-solving skills, as they may have to manage conflict and other challenges.

Teamwork involves empathy as kids need to connect with each other so that they become helpful and invested. By doing this they'll forge a strong bond of mutual respect. Teams work together much better when there is trust amongst all those involved, especially when all participants share a mutual understanding of care for each other.

Working effectively in a team means that all participants support, help and respect each other. If there is a lack of these components, then the team won't perform well together.

A lot of the time people work solo, and doing so can be easier for some. Not everyone works well in a team or desires to have other people involved with their tasks, some teams don't work together as well as they'd hoped. But there's no doubt that teamwork is important.

Having good teamwork skills will get you far in life. There are so many times in life where you'll have to work in a team and those times are important. They can lead to great outcomes and heave big rewards, so it's best to try to work well collectively.

It's best to practice young. By starting young, your child has the potential to significantly improve their skills which will greatly benefit them in the long run. It's so much easier to start as a child as they are much more susceptible to change, whereas as adults we’re much more set in our ways.

Performing tasks alone can be a daunting experience - especially for kids - so teams can take the pressure off and make them feel more comfortable. Strength really does come in numbers.

As individuals we're good but together we're unstoppable.

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