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Growth Mindset

Having a growth mindset means believing you can improve your skills and knowledge. You're willing to put in the work and enjoy taking on new challenges. December at Tempest is all about learning the benefits of having a growth mindset, and how to improve this. This helps our students work hard for their goals and to develop that ‘never give up’ attitude. How to develop a growth mindset Change your self-talk: Get rid of negative words like "can't" and add growth-minded words like "yet". "I haven't reached my goals yet" Practice visualisation: If you picture yourself achieving your goals, then you'll be more confident and more likely to attain them. Overcome fear of failure: If you want to achieve big things, you will fail along the way. It’s completely normal and part of the process - so don't give up! Having a growth mindset doesn't mean that you're not going to fail, it means that you'll use it as a steppingstone to greater things. Understand the power of yet: 'Yet' is a very powerful word. It can change the course of your future just by adding it to your vocabulary. This is one that we regularly express to our students, as this can change their mindset in a massively positive way. It makes them more ambitious and not afraid of failure; they become amazing young people who their peers look up to. A lot of kids think that if they fail once, they'll fail again (making them more likely to give up and less likely to try new things), they fear the challenges ahead and try to stay in their comfort zone. It's our job at Tempest to help guide them to embrace these challenges! Failure is a part of everyone's journey, and how we react to it is how it divides us. If we teach our kids about the normality of failure and how we can use it to further better ourselves, they'll then truly start to understand the importance of a growth mindset. To really prosper in life, they must grab every opportunity and not let go. A growth mindset isn’t just about personal development; it helps your child feel more confident and embrace change. They won't look at challenges as chores but rather as new experiences. They'll take on tasks that previously seemed impossible with confidence and drive, trying their hardest to push through the situation.

We ensure that every kid feels noticed and motivated to do their best.

The reverse of a growth mindset is a fixed mindset. Those who think this way believe they can't improve their skills or better themselves. Having a fixed mindset can cause people to not take risks and try to play it safe, but it also means they aren’t fulfilling their potential. We don't want our kids to have a fixed mindset as this can be the barrier that holds them back from doing amazing things. They'll give up easily and won't believe that they can better their skills. They won't have much drive for the future and may give up on their dreams if they seem too far out of reach. We teach our students that with hard work and dedication, everyone can improve their skills. If they believe this, then they'll truly strive to grow in so many ways. We want them to unlock their true potential and strive for greatness while we help and guide them along the way. All our instructors want nothing but the best for our students, and we're always going to be here to give advice and guidance when they need it.

"Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right."

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