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Getting to know… Coach Alison

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Alison has been assisting in our children’s classes for almost a year now, and we’re very lucky to have her onboard! She’s kind, thoughtful & has such a positive attitude - the perfect team member to have with us 😊

How long have you been at Tempest?

- I've been at Tempest for about 5 years now. I came in for a taster session and, apart from a short break to go travelling, I've been a regular ever since.

Why did you join Tempest?

- I wanted to find a fun way to be more active, but I'm not naturally sporty. I liked the idea of learning self-defence skills at the same time to keep me motivated.

What do you like about teaching?

-  I really like the energy in the kids classes, because we have an emphasis on mutual respect and self-discipline with the kids, which means we can relax and have fun while we teach. And of course I love watching how excited they get when they perfect a skill.

What is your job? (Outside of kickboxing)

- I work at a charity called Urban Green Newcastle as a Marketing Manager. We look after the parks in Newcastle city centre, including making money by hosting events and running our cafes. It's a busy job but I really like that I never have two days the same!

Do you enjoy being an instructor at Tempest?

- I do! Weirdly enough lots of people I know have told me I should do a job where I work with children. So when Ricky asked me if I'd like to train as an assistant instructor it felt like the right fit. I'm really enjoying getting to know all of the kids personalities and helping them reach their potential.


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