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Courage - I can handle this!

Throughout April, we will be working with our children in class; teaching them why and when they will need COURAGE.

Courage is needed to begin something. When we begin something, there is a lot of uncertainty. This uncertainty can be about the outcome or consequences, the environment, or the response of others. The uncertainty is always there, and our mind usually responds with fear.

Courage allows us to act despite our fears. Courage gives us the ability to put aside our fear of failure and take the first steps. It helps us overcome our fear of rejection and attempt things we have not tried before.

In children, courage helps them persevere against challenges, and in the process it raises their self-esteem. When children feel good about themselves and see that they have the personal power to make courageous choices, they are more likely to lead personally satisfying and successful lives.

Some really good examples of where this is used in everyday life are;

· Trying new things even if they are scared, like learning to ride a bike or entering a new social situation.

· Keep trying to master a new skill even when they are frustrated or other children laugh at their attempts.

· Do the ‘right’ thing in difficult situations, like standing up for another child who is being bullied.

· Admit to mistakes, like owning up to breaking a neighbors’ window while playing and then apologizing and offering to help clean up and pay for the damage.

The life skills we teach are just as important as the kicking and punching. It is these skills that set our kids up for a fulfilled & happy life

“All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.” - Walt Disney

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