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Believe In Yourself

Believing in yourself means having faith in your own capabilities. It means believing that you can do whatever you put your mind to. It’s easy to dwell on our weaknesses and see them as flaws, which can diminish any faith we have in ourselves. If we focus on our strengths, then our confidence will increase. Teaching our kids to believe in themselves will bring on their confidence and self-esteem tenfold. Without this, they’ll never unlock their true potential. Here at Tempest, we use martial arts to get children confident in themselves and let their true potential show. This way they can become the absolute best versions of themselves. We strive to help them overcome self-doubt and get things done. We want them to acknowledge that the only way to get things done is by having faith in - and acting upon it - themselves. An important thing to have is the 'YES I CAN' attitude. We teach our children that if any kind of challenge comes their way, they don't doubt themselves or give up – they stand tall, take a deep breath and say 'YES I CAN!' Having this attitude will help them build self-confidence and belief. Even if they still doubt themselves, we teach them to say it out loud. Fake it till you make it! It’s great for kids to have goals in life. These goals are what drive them to succeed, and in order to achieve them they'll have to take a few risks and face a few challenges along the way. “IF IT’S MEANT TO BE, IT’S UP TO ME!”

For goals to be achieved, we teach our kids they must push through and take action. We can assist them along the way, but only they can unleash their full potential. Self-belief doesn’t usually come naturally, but the more they tell themselves they can achieve anything the more likely they are to succeed. The more they succeed then the more their confidence will grow. Fear is something that everyone feels, its normal. How we react to fear is what divides us. There are some who run from it and there are others who face it. Fear isn't telling us to run away and hide, it’s encouraging us to take action and not hold back. Here at Tempest we encourage our kids to not run away from fear but embrace it. Failure is something that holds some kids back because they think that if they fail once then they'll fail every time. That's not true. Having that mindset is what's holding them back. Failure is just another step towards success, by moving on and learning from it they're changing their perspective on it. This will lead to success faster. If our kids know how to learn from their mistakes, they'll then be more comfortable making them. Making mistakes is completely normal and a great way to learn and become better.

Don’t feel ashamed of your mistakes, feel proud of your new lesson.

Even as adults, we sometimes give up because we forget what we're working towards, we forget our end goal. If you feel like giving up then remember what your goals and dreams are, remember how important they are to you. This is the most important lesson.

If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

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