1. Remember we were all beginners once. We tell people everyday the hardest part is stepping foot in the gym. Once you're in there you'll instantly feel the fantastic sense of community created by all our members.

  2. Never compare yourself to others. Competition is fantastic - but compete with yourself not someone else. We all have strengths & weaknesses, and we should never compare our weaknesses to another persons strengths.​

  3. Don't underestimate the power of stretching. No matter what your age, if you don’t protect your muscles through stretching exercises, you’ll find yourself picking up injuries. Keeping a flexibility routine is a key component of all martial arts, and one that will help you break past your body’s current limits. 

  4. It’s cliché but it’s true, age is nothing but a number. Success in martial arts is primarily about your fitness and ability to learn, age doesn't need to come in to it.  If you’re in good physical shape, with no major health conditions, then why wouldn’t you be able to do it? The biggest problem adults face when training is becoming bogged down in the idea of being too old. You need to get rid of those doubts and believe in yourself.

  5. Don't give up. There are days when you will want to quit. You might get frustrated when you can't do something but that’s all part of the process. You learn more from losing than you do from winning, so when you’re down and out, remember: you’re also getting better.


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